Secrets to Your Immune System: How to Heal Without Synthetic Medicines

Did you guys ever wonder where viruses like HPV, herpes, Epstein Barr came from? Why are 20 year old men being diagnosed with testicular cancer? Why are children being diagnosed with autoimmune conditions in record numbers? These epidemics were not the norm 60 years ago. Today 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Sadly, I don’t know one person who doesn’t have a friend or family member with cancer these days. And I don’t know about you, but HPV was unheard of. Now the statistics are staggering. One out of two women will be diagnosed as positive! (Usually indicated by a positive Pap smear, then further testing is required). Genital herpes gets one out of 4 people. 90% of people are seropositive for Epstein Barr-the virus that causes mono, who is also the hidden link behind thyroid disease, coinfections like Lyme, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia & lowered immunity. All of this leaves me thinking-what has happened to our immunity?! What are the secrets to living a disease free life? Why do we have many more synthetic medicines but everyone is sicker?

Ever since the industrial revolution which brought about many unsanitary working conditions, infections have been increasing. Fast forward to modern day, where we must watch everything that goes into our mouths, there’s Fukushima radiation in the oceans, endocrine disrupters, preservatives, and fillers everywhere! Not to mention the pesticides and heavy metals that are sprayed aerially for all to enjoy. What I’m trying to say here is that our collective immunity is being lowered, making us more susceptible to things like infections and cancer.

So you may be thinking-ok Dr Jess, that’s all understood but what do we do about it? You take your health into your own hands. You see a doctor for 20 minutes every year-they aren’t going to fix you. We can be guides, but you FIX YOU!! So here’s a bit of a guide. Not everyone has the same personal recipe and if you are sick, I recommend addressing emotional wounds and spiritual depravity as well. What makes you happy? Are you fulfilling your dreams or keeping others satisfied? Do you enjoy life? Do you question who you are and why you are here? Full health=mind, body & spirit. They are intimately connected.

1. Address diet: There is no correct diet for everyone. Not everyone can be vegan & heal properly. No one needs meat daily. No one needs dairy. The ketogenic diet may be right for one cancer patient but a plant based Gerson therapy diet may be correct for another. We need to be understanding of people’s divine bodies and what works for them. It does need to be a self loving plant based diet free from pesticides and genetically modified organisms. Only eat food your ancestors would recognize that grows from the earth. Remember real food does not have ingredients. It is ingredients.

2. Certain herbs + nutrients can certainly heal. Again, this is individualized for each person. I think diet is most important, but we also cannot downplay the importance of plant medicine. For immune boosting herbs, look into my Immune Master which will keep away flares from viruses & bacteria by helping to regulate the immune system. (Of course you can get all of these separately on your own too). It contains:

  • probiotics which support healthy bacteria in the gut where 80% of your immunity resides
  • chaga mushroom a powerful immune stimulator-for example, check out this one study published in Mediators of Inflammation in 2005-“In preventive medicine, defense against invasion by foreign bodies is dependent on enhancing the natural immune system, including activation of macrophages and NK cells. Macrophages stimulated by mushroom products release several inflammatory cytokines, IL-1, IL-6, IL-8, TNF-α, and NO, all of which directly induce tumoricidal activity in macrophages. (1) The immunomodulating action of mushroom metabolites is specially valuable as a means of prophylaxis, a mild and noninvasive form of treatment, prevention of metastatic tumors, and as a cotreatment with chemotherapy.”(2)
  • zinc one of the best trace minerals to supplement as it helps increase digestive fire by aiding in an essential step in producing HCL, the acid necessary to trigger the release of digestive enzymes for absorption
  • echinacea, a well known herb that has been proven to ward off viruses & colds in a number of studies. For years it has been used to ward off or provide early treatment for, colds and viruses. Preclinical studies lend biological plausibility to the idea that echinacea works through modulating immune mechanisms. Numerous clinical trials have been carried out on echinacea preparations: it appears that the extracts shorten the duration and severity of colds and other upper respiratory infections (URIs) when given as soon as symptoms become evident.
  • Filtered water-A recent study done at the Puget Sound in Seattle showed birth control pills, cocaine & antidepressants mucking up the waterways. Invest in a worthwhile filter because no one should be drinking from the tap! Look into the Berkey or a reverse osmosis system. Water is life!
  • Don’t forget about amla, one of the richest sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C is the best immune stimulator which explains why it is given in IV form as the Myers cocktail for cancer patients.  It also explains why the FDA has quietly made it more difficult to continue and afford this amazing vitamin IV! Nearly everyone could benefit from higher doses of vitamin C for immune support.

Now that we’ve gone over the herbs in my Immunity Master, lets review some other useful herbs and modalities that will help when you want to keep nasty bugs out and your health at tip top shape.

Other excellent herbs & modalties include cats claw, digestive enzymes specifically pancreatin, mushrooms like reishi, turkey tail or chaga, THC/CBD  coffee enemas, vitamin D, glutathione (the master antioxidant produced in the liver) and colostrum. Lets talk about what some of the herbs and healing modalities can be used to increase immunity. What do you say?

1. THC/CBD-We have an entire system know as the endocannabinoid system that medical school just did not teach us about! Many patients have deficiencies in this system and the natural marijuana plant can heal. And in moderation, marijuana and cannabinoids can balance out this system that runs from our brains to our bowels. I don’t necessarily recommend THC, tetrahydrocannabinoid, the psychoactive part of the plant to everyone, unless they’re suffering from cancer. THC is synergistic to CBD in its anticancer properties. (See my YouTube video on “what I would do if I got cancer”). However, cbd, or cannabinoid oil, is an excellent immunomodulator and anti inflammatory agent that can not only fight cancer, but excels at revving up immunity naturally.

Medical Cannabis ( Marijuana ) oil ready for consumption

2. Vitamin D-approximately one out of 3 patients I see is deficient in this hormone. Across the country, its estimated that 1 million Americans are deficient. Yes vitamin D is actually a hormone, not a vitamin as it has far reaching effects in the body, not just at the site of production in the skin. We have all been so frightened by the sun that we stay away and this isn’t the best course of action. We all need about 20-30 minutes a day in order to convert vitamin D to its active version. Nothing else can perform this feat, only the sun! Sunscreens have become a problem as most are chock full of endocrine disrupters & cancer PROMOTING agents like oxybenzene. I like Coola or Badger, who use zinc & other natural ingredients to protect us from UV rays.

3. Colostrum-colostrum is the first milk that comes out of the breast after a baby is born. It is produced by the mammary glands of all mammals during pregnancy. It provides the most nutrients and antibodies and is responsible for keeping the baby disease free for months or years. Today, colostrum has the casein and lactose removed and comes in a liposomal form which is more absorbable. It has been shown to increase immunologic properties that can enhance your ability to fight off microbes. “In conclusion, a bovine colostrum supplementation (Dynamic) increases serum IGF-I and saliva IgA concentrations in athletes during training. The increased concentration of IGF-I may have positive effects on protein synthesis, and the increased saliva concentration of IgA may activate the immunological defense against microbes on mucous membranes.” (4) You can buy it in powder or capsule form online but make sure it is liposomal form for the best absorption!

4. Digestive enzymes like pancreatin-In Gerson therapy, we have recently drastically increased the daily dosage of pancreatin for our cancer patients. It has helped many of them in a much quicker time frame than we have imagined. And this is not surprising if you do a quick search of digestive enzymes and their benefits. Published in the Journal Current Drug Metabolism in 2014, “As reviewed in this paper, enzyme supplementation therapy may play an important role in several digestive and malabsorption disorders, such as EPI and lactose intolerance. Currently, the animal-derived enzymes represent an established standard of care, however the growing study of plant-based and microbe-derived enzymes offers great promise in the advancement of digestive enzyme therapy.”(5). It makes sense when you remember that 80% of our immune cells and many of our serotonin receptors are located in the gut. We had better be giving them the ability to break down and absorb our nutrients with ample digestive enzymes, especially in the sick or elderly.

5. Cats claw-This South American herb has a wide variety of uses including displaying anti inflammatory properties, activity against ulcers, for wound healing, HIV, leukemia, and against viruses including herpes. In one study, “edible extract of cat’s claw has had protective action against respiratory inflammation in mice. Pivotal mechanism of cat’s claw is inhibition of iNOS and NF-κB expression that in turn have downregulated TNF-α, IL-1α, 1β, 10 and 17 successively. Also, little inactivation effect on COX-1 and COX-2 has been expressed through an in vivo study. This plant’s bark has demonstrated anti-inflammatory action exactly the same as dexamethasone in an animal model, while it has attenuated about 40% of IL-4 while dexamethasone has not.” Cats claw has proven beneficial for me with many of my patients in helping to modulate immunity and decrease pain.

Your body loves you and tries very hard to heal you in a sick world. We only need to find your specific recipe! If you’d like to start the journey into healing the natural way, contact me (under the consultations page) to be your guide while you become your own best doctor.

Much Love

Dr Jess


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How the Nutrient in Broccoli Sprouts Can Change Genes To Protect Against Cancer

All of us know broccoli when we see it but how many of us know what broccoli sprouts are? I know I didn’t grow up eating them and have been surprised to find out the amazing health benefits of this little but powerful veggie. And this isn’t the only veggie that has the magic….


Why Should I Care About Sulforaphane?

I know, I know, why should you care about sulforaphane? Well, it just so happens that it is VITAL. Some of its most important jobs are enhancing brain function, promoting healthy weight, autism, reducing the risk of cancer, neurological diseases, diabetes, and heart disease. Sulforaphane is an organosulfate that provides valuable sulfur that is the building block of so many reactions in our body. Sulforaphane is antioxidant, antimicrobial, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective. Lots of great reasons to understand this powerful compound!

Dr. Thomas W Kensler described it as “the most potent naturally occurring inducer of Nrf2 signaling.”

What sulforaphane does is activate and up regulate certain genetic pathways or transcription factors, like Nrf2. Nrf2 is a transcription factor that affects what genes are turned on or off. When I began to see this published in medical journals, I was really impressed. Everyone is beginning to see how nutrition CAN target genes (better known as nutrigenomics) and can therefore, prevent against common killers like cancer. In fact, sulforaphane has been found to be effective against several types of cancer! More and more evidence shows that it is also acts against cancer on several levels, from development to progression. In a study published in Cancer Therapy in May 2010, sulforaphane was found to inhibit breast cancer stem cells. Not even chemotherapy can inhibit cancerous stem cells.

Sulforaphane has shown a potential therapeutic role for protection of cells from DNA damage. It also showed that it could induce modulation of the cell, meaning death if the cell was diseased or old, or protection against cancer and proliferation of cancer cells. In fact, one study out of Harvard demonstrated signifiant improvement in autistic children treated with sulforaphane. They showed an improvement in social interaction, abnormal behavior, and verbal communication.

As previously mentioned, sulforaphane helps to activate Nrf2. It has been shown to be protective against cancer and can modify genes associated with chemoprevention. It does this by ramping up cellular defense mechanisms and detoxification pathways. Basically this little Nrf2 factor turns on genes that activate our cellular military. Their job is to go out and patrol our tissues, blood, organs and each cell to make sure everything is running smoothly with no mutiny anywhere in the body.

Where Do I Get Sulforaphane?

Broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage are all rich in what is known as sulforaphane. In fact, all cruciferous vegetables contain sulforaphane! But it doesn’t just happen to occur naturally in plants.

Sulforaphane is only created when the plant is damaged as a stress mechanism. An enzyme called myrosinase is released that then reacts with another compound called glucoraphanin. The result is sulforaphane. You may be wondering how this is a defense mechanism for the plant? Well sulforaphane is actually toxic in high doses, even in humans, especially if large quantities of cruciferous vegetables are eaten raw. So  chewing or chopping up the vegetables trigger them to release sulforaphane.

Can I Eat Cruciferous Vegetables If I Have Thyroid Dysfunction?

Trust me when I say that cruciferous vegetables do not CAUSE thyroid dysfunction. In small and normal quantities, sulforaphane creates a hormetic effect. Remember the poison is in the dose in the natural world concerning herbs, so called poisons and foods. Sometimes, as in the case of sulforaphane, we can gain beneficial effects from something that would be toxic in higher doses. Everything in moderation!

In high doses or if cruciferous veggies are eaten predominantly raw in someone who is susceptible to thyroid disease, goitrins can form in the body. These goitrins interfere with the production of normal thyroid hormones, leading to hypothyroidism. The trade off with this is that cooking the cruciferous veggies past 138 degrees Fahrenheit deactivated the enzyme that helps to make sulforaphane. So the best way to get a satisfactory dose is by eating it raw in small amounts or by eating broccoli sprouts.

One thing you can do to prevent any negative effects from goitrins is to take adequate doses of iodine and selenium. Plus sulforaphane is pretty powerful-you only have to eat 3-5 servings per week to see the anticancer benefits! In fact, one study found that “dose” reduced the cancer risk by 30-40%.

The Highest Dose of Sulforaphane

Now that you know about sulforaphane, you may be wondering what the best source is and how much you need to reap the wonderful benefits! The highest dose is found in vegetables that are more immature and the content actually weans as the plants mature. Thats why young broccoli sprouts have a much higher content than just regular broccoli. They contain 10-100 times the level of glucoraphanin and sulforaphane. This little vegetable is really the panacea of healing.

There are supplements with sulforaphane and broccoli sprouts, but I always believe if you can get the nutrition from food, or the most natural way possible, it is much more bioavailable or absorbable. Try adding broccoli sprouts to your salad or even smoothie every week. Remember you only need 3-5 servings a week to ensure you’re getting the detox, anticancer and immune benefits. Don’t forget to speak with your trusted healthcare professional if you have a thyroid disorder prior to gobbling up too many cruciferous vegetables!

Way to be your own best doctor!

Much love

Dr Jess



Exposure of primary mouse hepatocytes to sulforaphane resulted in activation of Nrf2 and significant elevation of protein expressions responsible for excretion of arsenic into extracellular space. SFN has the ability to potentially excrete heavy metals like arsenic.





  4. Sulforaphane and other Nutrigenomics Nrf2 Activators: Can the Clinician’s Expectation Be Matched by the Reality?
Repressed Emotions Mind and Body Connections

Repressed Emotions Can Lead to Dis-Ease: The Mind-Body Connection

Emotional suppression, defined as a tendency to inhibit the expression of emotion, has long been suspected to influence health. The ancient Romans, Egyptians and Greeks knew that emotional distress could resurface as disease and therefore the healing arts were practiced much differently than today’s medicine. As more and more studies are revealing, the mind, body and spirit seem to all play an intimate role in our happiness and longevity. Have you ever been super stressed and come down with a cold? I bet the majority of us would say yes. I can’t tell you how many of my autoimmune patients notice that their “break’ in immunity occurs after an emotional trauma! If doctors would take more care to promote emotional well being and healing, then we might see an improvement in many hard-to-treat cases.


Repressed Emotions Mind and Body Connections

Cancer has been documented in observational studies to have an element of repressed pain and anger. Emotion suppression involves intentionally avoiding distressing feelings by thinking of other things or holding things in and not honoring our own truth. For example, at Kings College in London, 160 breast cancer patients were given a detailed psychological interview and self administered questionnaire about suppression of anger. The results were astonishing and published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research. They compared 69 patients with breast cancer to a control group of 91 patients with benign breast disease. “There was a significant association between the diagnosis of breast cancer and a behavior pattern, persisting throughout adult life, of abnormal release of emotions. The abnormality was, in most cases, extreme suppression of anger and, in patients over 40, extreme suppression of other feelings.”

Wow right? But the underlying theme for cancer seems to be disregard of self when it comes to emotions, more so anger. Suppression of these emotions seems to resurface in physical disease over time for some people.

Stomach and digestive issues often represent shame and inability to digest what life is handing us

In a remarkable study performed by the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami, researchers found men with prostate cancer had greater suppression of anger and also few Natural Killer cells! Natural Killer cells are the white blood cells primarily responsible for taking care of our immune systems and warding off cancer! Another study in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research showed there was a connection between higher level of emotion suppression and all cause as well as cancer mortality amongst patients followed for 12 years!


Decades ago, Freud postulated that important feelings could be stifled before they entered consciousness. These are often childhood traumas and defense mechanisms we learned as children that uncover themselves as adults. Often the “repressor” personality is overly concerned with others needs rather than their own. They are “YES” people to everyone else, but say “NO” to their own needs or ignore their truth. They are often very dependable and successful people who are driven by approval. They are prone to internal anxiety, but appear cool and calm on the outside. Basically, repressed emotions emerge in the form of “I’m fine.”

But we are not fine. We are wearing a mask to appear ok but drowning in pain. Recent reports have linked a repressing personality to higher risk for asthma, blood pressure and overall ill health.

Does this sound like anyone? I know I can relate. This behavior pattern is dangerous long term not only for disease risk and shorter longevity, but also because it is the road to adrenal fatigue and stress burnout. That alone can throw our hormones completely out of whack!


When I worked as a hospitalist, I saw a case that will never leave me. One was a young woman who had lost her young son to cancer. She was understandably emotional distraught and a week later presented to the hospital with Takosubo Cardiomyopathy, which is a big doctor phrase for Broken Heart Syndrome. This actually exists and is named for the Japanese pot that the heart resembles when ballooning, due to dysfunction. It causes heart failure and often, a heart attack. The young mother recovered, but it cost her part of her heart function-all due to a very significant loss and a broken heart.

In one study done by Kroenke and Mangelsdorff in 1989, 84% of 567 common complaints such as chest pain and dizziness, yielded no medical diagnoses. All of us docs would agree that dizziness and chest pain can be some of the hardest diagnoses because often there is no concrete answer. I can’t tell you how many patients would tell me during an interview for these complaints–“its been a terrible month,” or “my dog just died,” or “my family is getting a divorce.”

Medicine doesn’t have to be so sterile, scientific and daunting. It can be HEALING, as it should be, but only if we are able to acknowledge that our studies cannot always capture the full human element or the connection to our very powerful emotions.


Core emotions, like joy, love, pain, anger, grief and fear, are not here to punish us. They have been selected in evolution because they serve a vital function. They are information that talk to our DNA, and if we listen, can provide an internal guidance system for us. What is this anger here for? What purpose does fear serve in my life? What is this pain trying to get me to change? Emotions are messengers, guys! It is how we choose to react or deal with them that shapes our reality. 

Because repressors wear the “I’m fine” mask and tend to not face reality, they are typically reluctant to attend psychotherapy or indulge in activities where emotionality is present. If new coping techniques can be established, or the patient feels safe enough to discuss childhood feelings, then reprogramming can start.

  1. Surprising Studies on Plant Medicines-Studies have even shown psychedelics like MDMA, CBD/THC in medical marijuana, psilocybin in mushrooms and even Ayahuasca may help PTSD, anxiety and repressed emotions by purging them so that the consciousness can face them and reprogram itself. Ayahuasca ceremonies have been held for thousands of years by our ancestors. There are many reports of patients with chronic diseases visiting the amazon for a ceremony and coming home healed.  One of the first steps they face is themselves and their buried fears during this ceremony. Cannabinoids or CBD, is also showing immense promise in brain inflammation, which is a heralding cause of many mood disorders like anxiety and ADHD, that may represent repressed emotions.
  2. EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, involves tapping on certain energy meridians of the body to release repressed emotions. The continuous tapping has the ability to release the tight muscles and let go of the repressed emotion or pain that is caught with it.
  3. Chiropractors and body workers are also very successful at clearing stored emotions. The spine is the center of our core and carries much of our energy and emotions. There have been reports of outpouring of emotions or changes in mood after adjustments.
  4. Cognitive behavioral therapy as well as biofeedback also help to treat any traumatic events, but it seems the key for most repressors is to discuss the stuck emotions.
  5. Journaling and Talking to someone we trust is a big step to understanding ourselves and these emotions that are often hidden from conscious thought. Writing has been shown to improve outcomes for autoimmune patents who often suffer from an emotional trauma. Don’t judge your spelling or grammar and put the pen to paper! You may notice tears starting to flow by the end and that is OK! These are repressed emotions being purged from the body.

Our emotions are stored in chakras, organs, meridians and muscle tissues (something Chinese medicine and Ayurveda have known for years). We have been separated from this side of ourselves for so long that we don’t even realize that our emotions influence the development of disease.

Be prepared though guys-when we release old, stored emotions, we might have emotional outbursts or releases. When I trained in NET, or neuroemotional technique and applied muscle testing, we saw outbursts regularly. Yes, you can actually test the body’s strength against a question to see if the conscious mind is lying. The body always knows. I was asked, “do you love others?” and could hold my arm up against pressure from the instructor because I REALLY DO love others. However when he said to me “You love yourself,” my arm could not be held up against pressure. I felt a lump in my throat and begin to cry. You know why? My body already knew the truth and it was the whole reason my spleen, which makes self-loving antibodies, was suffering.

This was an emotional release when hearing the subconscious truth. It is a bit like Herxheimer reactions, or physical die off from pathogens during a cleanse. Both the body and the mind must feel the pain-whether physical or emotional, to release it. It must pass through our subconscious to the conscious mind, realized, acknowledged and then properly released. THIS is the reason most of us do not want to heal. We are afraid of FEELING and RELIVING those painful emotions again in order to release them.

Our bodies are amazing! The mind can heal but it first must wade through our fearful ego, which sometimes can hinder any emotional outpourings and slow down the healing phase.

Here is a chart as well as some areas that repressed emotions have been stored. Much of this information is from observational studies, chiropractors, body workers like massage therapists, and research from eastern medicine practices.  As above so below. Our body movement is reflective of our inner worlds:

  • Neck Pain-linked to stubbornness and inflexibility and lack of forgiveness of others or self.
  • Slipped or herniated disc-sign of instability or feeling unsupported in life
  • Rotated Hips or Hip pain-afraid to move forward in life with challenges; nothing to move forward to
  • Arthritis-nutritional deficiencies or the inability to feel loved
  • Shoulder Pain-shoulders represent our ability to find joy in experiences. Pain here is linked to the fact that our attitude makes life a burden to carry. Often store present life trauma.
  • Spine or Back Pain: Upper back pain-lack of emotional support or feeling unloved; often they hold back love. Mid back pain-guilt is predominant and may be stuck in past (get off my back). Low back pain is associated with fear of money and lack of financial support.
  • Elbows-difficult to change direction and accept new experiences.
  • Bone breaks or fractures-rebelling against the system or authority
  • Bursitis-Inflammation and linked to repressed anger
  • Loss of Balance-not centered or grounded; often shows scattered thinking.
  • Sciatica-being hypocritical; fear of money or the future
  • Sprains-not wanting to move in a certain direction in life; resistance
  • Weakness-the brain needs a break; requesting mental rest.
  • Wrist Pain-represent movement and ease. Has something become difficult lately?
  • Knee Pain-stubborn pride and ego, inability to bend; fear; won’t give in. Big ego
  • Ankle Pain or Issues-guilt; inflexibility; ankles often represent the ability to receive pleasure.
  • Bunions-lack of joy in meeting experiences in life. Something is rubbing you raw.
  • Chest pain-grief, sorrow, sadness, loss, helplessness, despair.
  • Stomach/digestion Issues-deep shame, fear of loss of control and giving your power away to another.
  • Liver Issues-anger, resentment, anger at yourself or others; lack of forgiveness; jealousy
  • Infertility, reproductive issues, monthly cycle pain-childhood conditioning, violations, basic creativity, frigidity
  • Migraines-tied to overabundance of stress; adrenal fatigue; not saying no enough
  • Obesity/Weight gain-emotional eating is tied to anger at the family (especially in lower abdomen and hips/thighs), especially the father; lack of validation from family; overly sensitive; lack of self esteem; over sexualization
  • Acne-not liking or accepting self. Blockage of toxins from bowels
  • Anxiety-not trusting the flow of life and the process of the universe
  • High blood pressure-linked to longstanding emotional issue that is unresolved; defeatism
  • Cancer-deep hurt and anger; longstanding resentment; grief and hatred.
  • Cellulite-stored anger and self punishment (I had emotional releases concerning this when I used the fascia blaster on my thighs!)
  • High cholesterol-clogging the channels of joy; fear of accepting joy
  • Constipation-incompelete releasing; holding onto garbage of past; guilt
  • Depression-anger you feel you do not have a right to have; hopelessness.
  • Heartburn-Deep fear
  • Hepatitis-resistance to change; fear, anger, hatred. Liver is the seat of anger and resentment in Ayurveda.
  • Herpes Genitalis-mass belief in sexual guilt and the need for punishment. Public shame. Belief in a punishing God.
  • Inflammation-fear, inflamed thinking.
  • Left sided body pain-this is the feminine side of the body; the mother; represents receptivity and creativity
  • Right sided body pain-this is the masculine side of the body; the father; giving out and letting go; represents logic and grounding
  • Menopause-fear of no longer being wanted; fear of aging
  • Parasites/candida-giving power to others; letting them take over your life.
  • Sinus problems-irritation of another person, often someone close.
  • Teeth problems-longstanding indecisiveness; Root canals signify root beliefs being destroyed while impacted teeth represent not giving yourself mental space to create a firm foundation.
  • Throat Issues-avenue of expression and creativity; inability to speak for yourself or YOUR truth; swallowed anger and stifled creativity
  • Thyroid Issues-humiliation; not doing what you want to do
  • Urinary Tract Infections-anger at the opposite sex or a lover; blame

Take care of yourselves! Learn how to become your own best doctor!

Much Love

Dr Jess


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