Breakfast Habits and its Impact on a Family

Importance of morning food intake or breakfast

Immediate benefits of eating healthy in the morning include improved digestion, metabolism, better ability to focus at work, positive state of mind, and a better ability to carry oneself through the hectic lifestyle.

A healthy start to the day leads to feeling energetic and spirited through the entire day. Following a proper diet regime is absolutely essential and breakfast forms an integral part. It is simple to follow good eating and breakfast habits. What one eats is just as important to one’s health as is working out or exercising. 

For many of us, for those of us who do not follow workout regimen or exercising or morning walks, what one eats is an extremely important factor in being healthy, a good diet is an unavoidable part of being healthy and staying fit.

In the long term, selecting the right food consumption habits, keeping a healthy mix of food intake keeps our vital organs healthy.

A lot of people assume that once we start working out, or start morning walks – the muscle buildup or weight loss or whatever the initial goal was, can still be achieved with our routine food intake. Maybe a juice or a healthy fruit or some additional food element is added to that routine once in awhile.

Children and Family Having Breakfast Together

Children and Family Having Breakfast Together

Morning food intake and children

Children depend on their parents for managing food intake, for completing their requirements of energy, emotions, development and abilities.

Some of the high intensity tasks that a child undertakes on any normal day are –

  • Running, playing outdoor games
  • Solving math problems which demands a lot of energy in problem solving
  • Group activities that require one to be attentive

A good meal in the afternoon is of limited use if all the help was needed in the morning to a child.

Morning food intake and mothers

Be it stay at home mom or a working woman – they cannot afford to skip breakfast. It takes a lot to stay focused on the needs of every family member, to be able to maintain the cleanliness of house, and all the other chores that even today many women carry out on a daily basis.

For instance, there are groceries to be purchased which requires a lot of walking and lifting, there is cooking to be done which needs a lot of standing and coordination of hand and eye besides staying attentive, taking care of several things that come with managing and running the house and the list is pretty long.

Being a working woman too doesn’t come easy. Juggling between the demands of the house and workplace is tiring, emotionally draining and in today’s highly competitive world it has taken a toll on many.

Often it leads to one needing a forced leave just to get oneself some rest.

Morning food intake takes a back seat in the hectic life. One skips the breakfast to reach office on time, or because there was an important call that just had to be scheduled in the morning time. Coffee cannot replace breakfast.

Maintaining a healthy body requires being disciplined when it comes to breakfast. An almost devoted approach towards breakfast is needed to ensure that you do not punish your body because of your lifestyle.

Breakfasts and Family Well Being

Having breakfast leads to achieving a lot more than just being healthy. Morning food intake has more benefits than good health.

A cursory look at breakfast habits tells that they are mostly driven by family eating preferences or routines set up in a family. Eating breakfast or having small snacks with the entire family sitting at the dining table is a sign of a family that bonds well.

The emotional bonding, the feeling of belonging that children of the family establish with the elders is strengthened when they dine together.

Family breakfasts create strong memories that last a lifetime, help sort out routine issues that often are left unspoken because everyone is busy,

Impacts of incorrect morning food patterns –

The statement – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – is more than just a statement. Try taking a healthy breakfast for a few days. Compare how your day goes with those days when you skip morning breakfast.

Not having proper morning food intake impacts one on several levels – it affects one emotionally, adversely impacts health, leads to increased risk of ailments such as diabetes, heart risks, hair loss and headaches.

Adverse Health Impacts Due To Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast Importance and adverse impacts of skipping breakfast

Adverse Impacts of Skipping Breakfast

Some of the direct impacts of not eating properly in the morning are detrimental in more ways than one.

Headaches –

Low sugar levels or hypoglycaemia refers to having a low blood sugar level in your body. An immediate result of having a low blood sugar level is release of hormones to mitigate this dip in sugar levels. Such release of hormones leads to an enhanced blood pressure which is a cause for headaches.

Reduced Cognitive Ability –

Ability to remember, solve problems, be attentive are some of the tasks that we identify with cognitive functions. Skipping the most important part of your meal – the morning food intake – leads to a reduction in the cognitive functions.

A direct impact of skipping breakfast is less productivity at workplace and at home.

It impacts differently at different age groups. In growing age, the requirement of food intake is more. One must therefore be very careful in managing the food intake of children especially in the morning times.

Stunted Growth –

Having morning meals is vital to the bodily growth in a young age. Often, a stunted growth is observed in under fed children. They are not able to perform in school as much as the well fed children. Nutrition plays important role in the growth of a child.

Behavior and academic performance are directly related to the food intake. A healthy diet, a balanced diet is of utmost importance for a child and these have a correlation with growth of a child in becoming a healthy human.

Healthy living starts with healthy mornings

Now that you know the impact diet and breakfast can have on one’s family members, and the importance, please go ahead and start including the healthy breakfast habits in your life.


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