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The Hype About Celery Juice-Fact or Fiction

Celery juice has become all the rage since the publication of Medical Medium’s books. One of the staples of the book, Williams promotes it as a superfood that can detox the body and heal the gut if juiced first thing in the morning on am empty stomach. I have...

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Functional Nutrition for PCOS

This is a guest blog written by registered dietician, Kaely McDougall Disclaimer: the information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not designed to replace individualized recommendations from a practitioner. Always check with your doctor before...

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Infinite Return-A Guide to Getting into the Flow

Infinite Return – A Guide to Flow This is a guest blog by: Alexandra Franchi, BSc. (Hons) Biology Our lives are a collection of stories with endless opportunity. Every thought we think; each decision we make; every action we take creates a ripple effect in the...

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