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House Dust Causes Fat Gain? Shocking New Lab Test Results

It is widely known, that excessive calorie consumption, without adequate exercise can lead to weight gain. However, recent studies have identified a new cause for weight gain: house dust. Can house dust actually make you fat? Recent research studies have identified...

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What Causes Cancer? Here Are 11 Unexpected Things

What causes cancer? There is still much to discover about this disease, however, what we do know is that there are more people diagnosed with cancer. The most recent study1 cited that 32.6 million people are living with cancer. With 8.8 million recorded deaths, cancer...

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Fighting and Preventing Acid Reflux the Natural Way

Due to excessive consumption of processed foods and artificial ingredients, acid reflux and other related digestive disorders are becoming more and more common. Acid reflux can be described as a burning sensation in your chest. One can also experience difficulties...

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Candida Overgrowth & How to Get Rid of It?

Do I have Candida Overgrowth and What Can I Do About it? There is a topic I’ve been dying to discuss that conventional medicine sweeps under the rug. Patients are dismissed, shuffled around in the system, and ultimately end up learning what works for them on their...

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How To Improve Your Lymph Circulation Function

This Forgotten System is the Key to Weight Loss and Overall Health I’m pretty sure most of you have not heard your physicians ask “how’s your lymphatic system doing lately?” or “I bet your weight problem might be due to an issue with...

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Lyme Disease Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Lyme disease This, in my opinion, may be one of the most controversial topics in all of mainstream medicine. If you are a healthcare worker reading this post, it may go against everything you have ever been taught about this supposedly “rare” and...

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How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes What is Diabetes? For most of my medical career, I was taught that type 2 diabetes was incurable. We were not taught any relevance in diet other than the standard “avoid sugar.” But diet cokes, Splenda, and all...

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What Are The Natural Remedies for ADHD & How To Treat It?

The Truth About ADHD ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a booming trend for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. ADHD medication sales have grown 8 percent each year since 2010 and are projected to gain 13 percent this year to $12.9 billion....

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Cultivating Happiness: What Science Says

All of us struggle with self love and the pursuit of happiness. In a society that profits off our insecurities and pain, it is quite revolutionary to be happy no matter what life is throwing your way. But many of us incorrectly think that if we just nabbed that one...

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