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How To Live a Long and Happy Life: Secrets From Okinawa

Because of my job, I have patients ask me all the time what the key to longevity is. “Long and Happy Life” is a boon to some, but a difficult time for many.  It seems that the more advanced our society becomes, the higher the rates of anxiety, depression,...

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The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need To Defeat Cellulite

GUYS-I have the best news ever – holy grail for defeating cellulite. But first, let me back up and start from the beginning….. If you’re one of the 85% of women (and even some men) that suffer from some level of cellulite, then I feel your pain. Even...

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Kapha Dosha: How Emotional Eating Can Cause Sinusitis

This is part 3 of my three part blog series on the three dosha in ancient Ayurveda Pitta, Vata and Kapha Dosha. We have discussed the two other mind-body types, Pitta and Vata. You may go back and read both part one and two posts in detail by clicking these links....

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Colloidal Silver: An Antibiotic Alternative?

By now, many of us are familiar with colloidal silver and its purported benefits. If you scroll the internet, you’ll see claims that it can ward off nearly any pathogen and is effective in dental procedures like root canals. The CDC and NIH, however, state that...

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The Best Natural Remedy to Beat Allergies Everytime

Natural Remedy to Beat Allergies With the rain and cold setting in and spring on the horizon, many of us are suffering from pretty miserable seasonal allergies and sinus infections. What if I told you that allergies are not due to mold, pollen, trees or food like many...

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