The Surprising New Medicinal Benefits Of Ozone and the Demographic That Can Benefit the Most

The Surprising New Medicinal Benefits Of Ozone and the Demographic That Can Benefit the Most

The Dangerous Demographic: How Ozone Can Help

Recently I’ve had numerous low grade but persistent headaches that I attributed to stress. It’s unusual for me to have this type of headache that throbbed on my eyebrows and wouldn’t even go away with peppermint oil or magnesium. I had also felt randomly queasy and even slightly nauseated the last couple of days. I hadn’t thought much about it until I found an alternate media site that was desperately trying to warn everyone about a massive carbon monoxide release in California. Without social and alternative media reporting the truth in news, I’m not quite sure what I’d do. Time out on the wrongs in this world though….Have you guys heard about this Cali carbon monoxide release was detected along with elevated levels of sulfur dioxide across a vast area of the west coast? This was first noticed on Feb 25th and 26th and is postulated to be due to oil drilling and possible seismic activity. Not to mention the detrimental Porter Ranch carbon monoxide release that was compared to green house emissions from a billion cars. Yikes.

But whats so dangerous about carbon monoxide? If you remember, there have been a ton of movies and tv series made where people committed suicide using a running car parked in a garage. This is due to the silent killer, carbon monoxide. Now I’m not necessarily comparing this carbon monoxide release to that, but there have reports of nosebleeds, nausea, brain fog, headaches and lethargy due to the California release.

The Amazingness that is Ozone

This is where ozone comes in… If you haven’t heard about this naturally protective molecule, then you’re in for a treat! When I went to Gerson therapy training, I met doctors from around the world. One surgeon from Dubai told me he had helped over 60,000 ICU patients with IV ozone. AND HAD ONLY HAD ONE NEGATIVE REACTION…he went on to tell me that this was due to a filler mixed with the ozone and not the ozone itself.

Many of the large corporations and pharmaceutical companies have blocked research on this useful molecule so many of its benefits are hidden from the mainstream public. It has been ignored in America because it cannot be patented. Therefore, it is not profitable for the pharmaceutical industry to spend the millions of dollars necessary to prove its effectiveness by FDA standards. It would reap scorn and outrage of incredible proportions if the truth were known. There have been many books/articles on ozone in medicine, including “THE USE OF OZONE IN MEDICINE” by Prof. Siegfried Rilling, M.D. & Renate Viebahn, Ph.D., and medical organizations in the major industrial nations of the world such as the World Ozone Conference dedicated to its education and use. Over 1,000 medical papers exist attesting to its efficacy in the treatment of disease in many thousands of patients. Remember–ONLY 34 CASES OF SIDE EFFECTS OUT OF 5,500,000 PATIENTS HAVE BEEN REPORTED.

Wow right? As western medicine physician, I was amazed! The earth is so healing and protects us in so many ways. In fact, ozone protects us from the UV rays of the sun. Without it, it would be very difficult for anything on the earth’s surface to survive. Little did we know that used in the right fashion, ozone can also protect us!

So how does ozone work and whats its connection to carbon monoxide? Ozone consists of 3 bound oxygens (O3) which is actually an irritant in the air or if breathed. However when introduced intravenously or with insufflation, it is very healing and detoxifying. In fact, during the First World War, ozone was used to purify the drinking water. Its the only substance known which is virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, protozoacidal and cancericidal. Today it is used at many naturopathic and integrated medical offices, including my own. I also incorporate it into my protocol with my Gerson patients!

Ozone also protects from carbon monoxide toxicity. Unfortunately carbon monoxide has a higher affinity (meaning it binds tighter) to hemoglobin molecules than oxygen. Since oxygen is carried throughout our body by hemoglobin, this creates a problem. The only remedy is extra oxygen, which by sheer overwhelming numbers, is able to “knock” the carbon monoxide off of the hemoglobin molecule and reclaim its spot. Ozone has an extra oxygen molecule (o3) compared to regular oxygen (02). Go ozone!

Extra Benefits of Ozone:

Ozone works once introduced into the bloodstream by being converted into oxygen, hydroxyperoxides and beneficial free radical scavengers which actually seek out and destroy diseased or mutated cells.

    • Ozone does inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast & protozoa by disrupting the integrity of the bacterial cell envelope.
    • Ozone produces extra energy by enhancing oxidative carboxylation of pyruvate, stimulating production of ATP (our energy source) and stimulates release of glutathione peroxidase, catalase and superoxide dismutase-all needed for detoxification & liver function. •Ozone currently is being evaluated for effectiveness in comparison with surgery in the treatment of lumbar-herniated disc. The study is currently in its phase 2 studies, which is sponsored by Kovacs Foundation.
    • Diabetic complications are attributed to the oxidative stress in the body, ozone was found to activate the antioxidant system and actually affect and stabilize blood sugar levels.
    • It was found to completely inactivate the HIV in vitro, this action was dose-dependent.
    • An injection of ozone in mice with nerve injury of the sciatic nerve was found to decrease the neuropathic pain-type behavior. It is beneficial in: Cancer (Carcinoma), Spastic Colon, Arterial Thrombosis, Osteomyelitis, Acne, Proctitis Bladder Fistula, Wounds, Ulcers, Varicosities, Radiation burns, Phlebitises, Parkinson’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Mucous Colitis, Chronic Cystitis Colitis, Chronic Cystitis, Coli Infections, Chronic Hepatitis, Hemorrhoids, Anal Eczema, Arthritis
    • Intrarectal insufflation is excellent for diarrhea and candidiasis. In women intravaginal insufflation is also an option.

Easy Ozone Tips

As soon as I read about all the carbon monoxide on the west coast, I hurried to work and made myself some Kangen water with ozone. It only takes 30 minutes of my time to bubble ozone into alkalinized water and bring it home to enjoy with friends. This is a pic of myself and my fellow co co-creater, Erin Rose drinking ozonated water out of wine glasses for the evening. Much better than wine for you!

Ozonated water smells a bit like a chlorinated, medicinal pool but is tasteless. You can feel it coursing through your body and it does cause some physical tingles and internal heat changes.

Ozone can also be bubbled into patient’s own blood or included in joint spaces for repair. Remember that many pathogens and cancers cannot survive in a hyper oxygenated environment. It makes me so happy and fulfilled to know that natural remedies without as many toxic side effects are finally becoming mainstream. Ozone and hyperbaric oxygen chambers (both affordable and offered at my office, Optimal Health & Wellness), can help with a plethora of chronic diseases and west coast carbon monoxide toxicity! If you don’t reside on the west coast but think you may benefit from ozone, do your research and look up a reputable naturopathic clinic in your area.


3. Gerson Therapy Module II practitioner training

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