Thinking About Quitting? Reasons to Continue Your Fitness Regime – Part 1

Enrolling Ourselves In a Gym Or a Fitness Class Is Easy

To motivate ourselves, we also buy new outfits and shoes. But after a few days, the incentives and motivation wear off and we are back to square one. The pain, our body experiences during the first few weeks, is enough to give up. But, then by giving up we are not doing ourselves any favors. We are creating problems for us.

To keep you motivated about fitness, here are some interesting reasons as to why you should continue going out running with your friends. And though at the beginning, you might go through pain, but as they no pain, no gain. In the end, you will reap benefits.

Better control over appetite

Most of us go for dieting and on cheat day, eat as much as we can. This ruins the whole dieting plan. Exercising can help in controlling your diet. This doesn’t mean you will eat less. On the contrary, you can eat to your fill. Exercising makes you aware of the needs of your body and you will eat to fulfill those needs. So, even if you eat an extra cookie, it won’t hurt your body. You will set the limit for the food intake.

Exercise boosts brainpower

Exercise daily provides a mental clarity and improves it. IT enhances the energy levels and increase the serotonin in the brain. According to the experts, those who exercise and are active, are more productive. Having an alert brain and fit body, improve the lifestyle of a person.

Reduces stress

Exercise is a good way to release the stress in the life. Once you start working out, the stress melts out of your body. When you exercise, your body starts to relax, which has a positive impact on your mood. As stress reduces, your mood elevates and you are less irritable and can enjoy your life in a better way.

Energizes you

Working out not just improves your mood and brainpower, it also energizes you. While exercising, endorphins are released into your bloodstream, which makes you invigorate the whole day. Bring energized, you can complete your task and daily activities quickly. The increased stamina and strength makes it easy to complete all the work. You don’t get much tired by the end of the day.

Keeps diseases away

Exercising regularly will keep you healthy and free from any kind of disease. It reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases, diabetes, stroke and hypertension, depression and various kinds of cancers like breast cancer or colon cancer. Routine physical activity assists in keeping the weight in control and energy balance. Staying active reduce the chances of obesity, which is a common health issue faced these days. Exercising slows the aging process. The bones and muscles are strengthened because of exercise, which will reduce the pains people usually suffer in their joints.

Keeps heart healthy

Exercising helps in keeping the heart strong. A strong heart can make any day to day activity or a taxing activity, easy. Physical activity improves the performance of the heart and the cardiovascular system. The heart pumps the blood more efficiently, and lowers the heart rate. So, you won’t face the usual racing of heart after doing any activity. A healthy heart lessens the fatigue and eases the breathing.
These are some of the benefits of a steady fitness regime that will come handy in your life. There is a lot more to it which I will share with you soon. Remember to be your own best doctor,


Dr. Jess.


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