The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need To Defeat Cellulite

GUYS-I have the best news ever – holy grail for defeating cellulite.

But first, let me back up and start from the beginning…..

If you’re one of the 85% of women (and even some men) that suffer from some level of cellulite, then I feel your pain. Even in my teens and 20’s, I had cellulite on the sides and backs of my legs that left me feeling super insecure. As I reached my 30’s the problem seemed to get worse. I got the Mirena and before that, had been on synthetic birth control for most of my adult life which completely wrecked my hormones.

Aging plus abnormal hormone levels cause aging skin, sun spots, and the cellulite will worsen! I used to never have a problem with putting on a bikini, but suddenly I had all kinds of unwanted doubts. Mind you, a lot of this is always in our heads. We are our own worst critics. I’m not saying that I’m any different or that my problem was even an enormous issue to overcome. However, it is extremely important that we feel good in our own skin and in this area, I was lacking.

What Exactly is the Physical and Emotional Cause of Cellulite?

I have done a myriad of research into cellulite. On the mainstream medicine sites, they claimed cellulite was a “dimpling of the skin” due to persistent underlying, subcutaneous fat on hips, stomach or thighs. I had even contemplated surgery or one of those lasers that uses heat to “break up and melt away” the fat tissue. It was easy for me to ask around since I was in the medical field and every surgeon or dermatologist that I questioned did not seem to know the cause or cure for this pesky issue. It made sense that they could “melt” the fat away since it was a fat problem, right? I didn’t understand how I personally could have this problem. I was a gym rat with a 6 pack for most of my entire 20s. It seemed other girls were in the same boat as me, not matter how much they worked out, they still had cellulite. So something was adding up. So my search continued…

When I began to become interested in energy healing and alternative medicine, I came across a couple books and articles that changed the game for me. They were all about repressed emotions, life missions or traumas that were hidden deep in the physical body. I actually wrote a full blog post on repressed emotions and you can read it here:httpss://

The research I uncovered for the emotional cause of cellulite hit me like a blow to the heart. It seemed that many bodyworkers and intuitive healers agreed that cellulite was due to a very oppressive upbringing early in life as well as suppressing one’s natural gifts. Thick thighs and cellulite represented repressed anger at the parents, specifically the patriarchal figure. I love my parents dearly but back then they were religious fanatics who molded me into a God fearing child with little say so in my life. This explanation resonated so hard with me!

It turns out that cellulite has nothing to do with a “fat” problem and everything to do with a fascia problem. Fascia is the thin sheath enclosing muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, veins and internal organs. It is densely woven, right below the skin and can form a spiderweb-like structure, holding us in place. If the fascia becomes too tight or thick, it can create a casing that restricts the blood flow and nerve conduction. Now consider the emotional ramifications of that. Our fascia, or connective tissue, holds us together, but if we have an oppressive upbringing, especially one where our inherent talents are suppressed, then we develop “thick skin.” We must become tough and harden up.  As such, our connective tissue and skin, the biggest organ in our bodies, follow suit. Our bodies do not function properly without healthy blood flow and rapid nerve conduction. Neither do we function well in life if we are suppressing talents in lieu of an oppressive childhood where we cannot be ourselves. This makes perfect sense.

Fascia is the spiderweb below the skin

Enter in…The Fascia Blaster….

What is the Fascia Blaster?

Besides being a life changer? Who knew that a stick with claws on it could have so much power?

Ok I know cellulite is not the worst issue to have at all, but ridding yourself of insecurities is definitely up there. One day I was surfing Facebook with my best friend. An ad came up with a lady holding this curious white stick with claws. I rarely turn the volume up on these things, but my friend squealed, “Have you seen this thing that supposedly gets rid of cellulite?” I was instantly interested. The video turned out to be of Ashley Black of She was giving a live demonstration using some sort of tool that I had never seen while claiming that cellulite is a myth! WHAT. How could all my medical training and physiology not be true? Well, as it turns out, mainstream medicine has made quite a few mistakes.

Ashley was interesting to me because this line of work had fallen into her lap because of her own personal life struggle. In her 20s, she had gone into the hospital for a routine operation and contracted a life-threatening flesh-eating bacterial infection that forced her to undergo multiple surgeries and left her with disproportionate and unsightly fascia and muscle pain. She was left nearly crippled. Never fear! Ashley is a survivor and healed herself. She then decided to teach and heal others. She has years of experience training professional athletes, celebrities and other elite stars looking for solutions. She studied fascia extensively and created her wonderful and revolutionary product.

Again, cellulite is a fascia problem and not a fat problem. It has no bearance on what you weigh! After reading Ashley’s story, I promptly ordered the fascia blaster and patiently awaited its delivery.

How Do You Use the Fascia Blaster?

It’s simple! As you can see pictured above, there are three different kinds of blasters. The first one on the left is the full-size version while the middle one is the mini fascia blaster that fits perfectly in your carry-on suitcase. The last one on the right is the face blaster, which helps to define facial architecture and improve circulation. You simply place the blaster on the area you want to improve with the claws facing the skin. Move with quick movements in an up and down or side to side fashion, but try to avoid a circular motion. By scrubbing the Blaster over an area of fat that you want to break up, you can reduce unwanted fat pockets and “spot reduce” while contouring your body!

HINT: You Will feel some slight pain and discomfort! The claws are breaking up the taut connective tissue and fascia just below the skin. I BRUISED like no other the first month of using this thing 10 min daily after yoga or a hot shower. Personally, I found it to work best when the skin and muscles are warm. It is OK to bruise while blasting! Not everyone does and that’s just fine. However, what it does indicate is that the fascia is so restrictive that it is preventing proper circulation. This indicates that the lymphatic system is sluggish and proper blood flow is not reaching areas containing toxins! Remember blood and lymph move so that they can MOVE toxins out as well. Every part of our body needs to be nourished with proper blood flow. Once we break the fascia up, the blood flow can return to these neglected areas, but the aftermath might include some bruising!

This pic is after I had been blasting for nearly two months and is totally nothing compared to the bruising I got at the beginning!

The beauty of the Fascia Blaster is that it doesn’t treat just cellulite. It also helps give mobility to muscles, improves soft tissue pain, breaks up fat, and increase blood and lymph flow.

The Emotional Aftermath

So when I started blasting I had done my due diligence concerning the EMOTIONAL REASON we might have cellulite. What I did not expect was some of the emotional RELEASES I had from doing the fascia blaster daily. The first week, I would be right in the middle of blasting and would suddenly remember what my childhood kitchen floor looked like EXACTLY. They were random childhood memories that I could not recall prior to blasting. I have no explanation for, except that somehow this was connected to the saddlebags on my thighs! All jokes aside, this confirmed that thick thighs and cellulite possibly do represent repressed childhood memories of an oppressed upbringing. I even had a couple crying fits during that first week or two of blasting that was connected to deep pain that I could not fully put my finger on. The more I blasted, the less pain I felt. I could get deeper into the thicker layers with time and patience.

So the verdict is….I actually found a cellulite treatment that works! You can be sure to ditch all those creams and gimmicks that promise results but do not deliver. Today I’m happy to admit that I’m nearly cellulite free! It just takes trailblazers like Ashley Black’s revolutionary product as well as the dedication on our own parts.

This is the holy grail of cellulite destruction and the only tool you’ll ever need!

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