Top 10 Ways How the World Is Changing & Most People are Oblivious

Last week I had a mini vacation with my family at the Oregon coast. I love my parents dearly, but as most of us can probably relate, they are older and mostly stuck in their ways. This visit was different and refreshing though. I could see a new glimmer of hope in their eyes. They were more open minded, could see past the illusions of government more, and were engaging in conversations about whats wrong with the world. This got me thinking-if my 60 year old parents are changing, isn’t this a representation that perhaps the world as a whole is also changing? Reflecting on my own personal growth over the last 4 years, I could see how very different even I had become– in a positive direction. As you are the universe, you are a microcosm of the full macrocosm. How much each of us has changed over the last few years is an excellent representation of how much the world has changed on a grand scale.

  1. Women empowering women-I don’t know about you, but these past few years I’ve noticed women standing in defense of matriarchal and feminine traits. Its truly beautiful when women stand up for other women. From Beyonce embracing her beauty on stage while pregnant with twins to the water protectors standing up to defend mother earth, people are starting to value the traits that are known as “feminine” all around the world. In fact, many philosophers and sages throughout the ages have predicted a full return of the divine feminine after 2012. This does not necessarily mean “female” per se. Both sexes carry feminine and masculine traits, but in today’s world we are very imbalanced towards the masculine or patriarchal side. This is dangerous because both are needed as its similar to yin and yang. If you have noticed, the world values justice over mercy, rules and logic over creativity, and money over compassion. This seems to be changing as more and more people turn their backs on what is wrong with society. We can only hope that more will begin to embrace saving the earth and humanity over stepping on others to achieve power.
  2. We are starting to collaborate more-Most of us are realizing that to be successful, we need to uplift others rather than take advantage of them. Rather than doing it on our own in a big world, many of us are reaching out to others who have skills that we don’t possess. We live in cities with thousands of people and no one even speaks or knows their neighbors. This is a source of sorrow and discontent that we have yet to admit as humans. We all have unique talents. I can write, but I sure can’t sing. If we could include and collaborate with others rather than pitting ourselves against one another for competition, we would get much further in the world. Together in unity, every aspect of a job and the skills needed to make it a success, are covered.
  3. Healthy, organic food and the rise of a plant based diet- I have personally never seen so many people growing their own food, planting their veggies and touting green juices. We used to believe everything corporations said, including dairy is good for you or it doesn’t matter where the calories come from. What lies! We bought Monsanto pesticide filled food and did not question how or where it was made. We’d eat basically anything as long as it tasted good. More and more people are frequenting farmers markets and small farms rather than eating from a box. We are questioning the agricultural and health systems for supporting unethical companies. We are vowing to not support the dairy and meat industries for their disgusting practices. Many of us are becoming vegetarian and vegan for ethical causes and this has turned into a commonality! This is forcing the industry to change based on demand, and thats always a good thing.
  4. Rewriting HIS-tory-I think all of us can agree that history is written by the victor. The defeated rarely get to tell their side of the story. Who writes these books anyways? Who chooses the ones we use in school? One example is that we were all taught Christopher Columbus “discovered” the west, which most of us now know is a lie. Many are bucking the notion of Thanksgiving, a holiday that celebrates the suffering of so many indigenous people. Blacks in America are banning together due to countless deaths by police. The Freedom of Information Act has forced the government to reveal many of their dark projects and the ones who seek this knowledge are quite informed about the hidden hand. We are waking up to scrutinize what is taught to our youth in this country, including pushing back on Common Core and questioning the slanted history books. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering why you weren’t taught about ancient civilizations, taxes, the Federal Reserve, how to grow your own food, how to write a check, or think independently.
  5. Consumerism and Materialism are dying-Jim Carrey is quoted as saying,  “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed so they can see its not the answer.” He’s not the only celebrity to speak out. Shailene Woodley stood up to the corporations when she went to Standing Rock and was arrested. Akon supplied a whole city in Africa with electricity. Theres a popular documentary out called Minimalism, that makes a lot of sense. Even the rich and famous are seeing that becoming famous does not produce happiness. Cars, money, and all the material goods in the world will not produce satisfaction if you have not worked on inner attunement prior to outer attainment. Being in service to others is pure joy. And although not everyone has “seen the light” yet, many of us are not buying everything off the shelves anymore either. We have been told for decades that having the newest car, clothes or iPhone will make us happy and we are now waking up to the illusion. There are now record numbers of people who have gotten rid of their cars, downsized the wardrobe, are buying used goods, and selling their huge houses for less responsibility.
  6. We are connected-I know a lot of people say “we are all one or connected,” but what exactly does that mean? Take a look at the internet. On one hand, you have a subset of the population who still use it for egoic purposes like selfies, displaying their bodies, showing off their wealth or trolling others. However, the flip side is you have a whole other (and rapidly growing) subset of people who have used it to connect to one another and get the word out about something greater than themselves. The internet has given a voice to the voiceless. It has given us countless information, videos from around the world, and not much can be hidden any longer. This means the powers that be are revealed if they are oppressing their people. This means that random stories of courage or injustice spread like wildfire. This lets many people display their talents and become overnight sensations. This means we can all see how we are connected; how one small action or nonaction can affect people far from our physical location. It lets us see the humanity in everyone. It has brought about revolutions like the Arab Spring, and is removing mainstream media’s control over the masses as we begin to use our own voices. The internet takes the wall down and removes the separation.
  7. Almost everyone is unhappy in their corporate job-I’m still not sure if its the great awakening influencing this, or the younger and more rambunctious generation entering the work field. Everyone seems to be burnt out and miserably trapped working for a large corporation. They are tired of the 9 to 5 with only two days off building someone else’s dream. Many of us dream of traveling the world, entrepreneurship, and following our dreams. I think deep down all of humanity has always felt this way. The difference is that we are beginning to love ourselves so much that this love finally outweighs the fear of our greatness. This fear previously kept us trapped in unfulfilling jobs. (I speak from experience here). More and more of us are jumping ship and leaving behind these unloving jobs to pursue our own dreams. And that is inspiring and beautiful.
  8. Rise of Entrepreneurship-there has always been a plethora of creative and brilliant young men and women who seemed to just know how to start a business. But they often still needed people to donate, and then those donators became the ones  running the show….and business. Today with the advent of GoFundMe and other fundraising sites, young entrepreneurs are able to start out without anyone else controlling their decisions and money. Its a whole new game for entrepreneurship. Add in the internet to market with and you can have yourself a successful business with time to do what you want, in no time.
  9. More People are speaking out against the tyranny of politics-Its quite obvious that people are ready for a change. More and more of us are shunning politics altogether, not falling for the divide and conquer techniques of the left or right. Bernie Sanders nearly took the democratic nomination because he had novel ideas that followed the kindness of universal laws, albeit quite idealistic. I think its safe to say that not many of us believe the majority of congressmen and senators any longer. We are questioning their lifetime appointments and pay. We are marching in dissatisfaction and revolution worldwide. We are witnessing that not much changes regardless of who is elected. We are aware of the ridiculous lobbying and unethical amount money that is interchanged in exchange for a vote. In my opinion, it is not that the world is becoming darker, it is that the veil of deception is being lifted and unethical people and systems are being revealed for what they have been for decades. It is the time of reckoning and not much can be hidden anymore. We the people are finally recognizing our power.
  10. The rise of spirituality-Many eastern cultures have never forgotten their sacred spirituality, but here in the west, many of us seemed to sell our souls for the American Dream. We rarely have a moment to self reflect amongst our million responsibilities. Spirituality begins with self analyzation and awareness which bring about self love. You then never want to put trash like alcohol, drugs or poisoned food into your temple. You become accountable for your actions and learn to forgive yourself and others. You are not threaten by others’ judgments. You learn to do what is right and ethical. You leave jobs and people who are unhealthy for you. You realize love is not what we have been taught. Let me stress this. Spirituality has nothing to do with religion. It recognizing the light in yourself and others. It is realizing we are all connected, can cast spells with our words and manifest our reality based on our vibration. It is recognizing that we all have a part in creating our world, respecting our earth and that the creator is in everything-including us. It is moving from a victim mindset to a creator mindset. More and more people are doing yoga, meditating, wearing crystals, questioning this reality, serving others, turning to holistic health, realizing their own power and educating themselves on quantum physics. We all want to know what else is out there. Even workplaces are offering meditation rooms and health insurance companies have started to cover acupuncture.

If we took the time to speak to a stranger on the street, we might realize how much our consciousness is changing. More and more of us are realizing that there is nothing wrong with humanity, but theres a lot of disturbing aspects of society and the way it was set up. These ideas and revelations are helping to create a new world. We only need to think up better ideas, and this will eradicate the old, outdated ones.

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